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Which Jackson 5 number knocked the Beatles' song 'Let It Be' off the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 1970?

Finish the lyrics of this popular Motown track by Lionel Richie…

What is the name of this classic by The Temptations?

How old was Stevie Wonder when he signed his recording contract with Motown?

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Who is responsible for the Motown anthem, 'Please Mr Postman'?

Finish the title of this famous Stevie Wonder track… 'Signed, Sealed…'

Name this group!

What were the 'Four Tops' originally called?

What did Martha Reeves & The Vandella's say that 'love is like' in their 1963 single?

What's the full name of the lead singer from The Supremes?

Can you name the singer of this classic?

Name this track! Clue: MC Hammer's 1990 hit 'U Can't Touch This' sampled it

According to their 1966 smash, what are The Temptation's 'not too proud' to do

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How many people were originally in Boyz II Men?

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Who did Marvin Gaye team up with on this funky number?

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'I Want You Back' was a hit number 1 record by which group?

What track by The Supremes became their second Billboard Hot 100 Number 1 hit?

Name the singer!

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In the popular Four Tops song, 'I Can't Help Myself', what do they refer to their lady as?

Can you guess the title of this song from the clip?